Eurofrio cold Storage offers you complete range of services with regards to the management of your goods. We provide tailor-made services with regards to the managing of your goods with special attention to your personal needs.

  •  Planning;
  •  Receiving;
  • Inventory Management;
  • Expedition;
  • Distribution:

Inventory Management System

To suit better our customers needs we have designed a multi-functional and effective storage software, that ensures a smooth and easy access and control over your own goods. You receive real-time detailed information about your goods and their movement.

Using our online system, our customers may reserve in advance the storage needed, to order distribution of goods directly to their respective clients, At EUROFRIO we bear the full responsibility and guarantee that your goods will be delivered to your clients with exactly the same quantities and quality, registered when received.


It all starts with the right plan. We work together with you to define your needs and build a plan that ensures superior results as well as lower costs.


Your goods are received, counted and placed in inventory. Goods are inspected upon receipt for damage and a full accounting is made. The information entered into our inventory management system is then available to you through your individual Client Login on our web site.