Eurofrio cold Storage offers you complete range of services with regards to the management of your goods. We provide tailor-made services with regards to the managing of your goods with special attention to your personal needs.

  •  Planning;
  •  Receiving;
  • Inventory Management;
  • Expedition;
  • Distribution:
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Cold storage of goods

At EuroFrio, we offer multi-temperature warehousing (frozen, refrigerated,
temperature-controlled, and dry/ambient) and distribution solutions for customers
of all sizes in various industries. Our cold storage warehouse facilities are centrally
located near Plovdiv, Bulgaria, making them the ideal location for strategic
distribution across the nation.

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Individually Quick Frozen Fruits


While fresh fruit is a beautiful thing, its frozen counterpart is equally as nutritious and even more versatile. Individually frozen to avoid clumping and to maintain the structural integrity of each berry. Our packaging options allow for greater flexibility and shelf life.

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